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Be a part of the solution, not a part of the PROBLEM!!!

Roxycodone Deaths Surge 61% in One Year


Roxycodone has been implicated in record-high death statistics not just across the state of Florida, but across the entire nation.


roxycontin roxycodone addiction

1.9 Million Take Roxycodone for Illicit Use


Signs of addiction include trouble with the law, lying, stealing, and often a jail sentance when the addiction takes control of them.


roxycotin roxycodone addiction over prescribed narcotic painkiller

The Highest Over Prescribed Pill.


Right now Roxycodone is one of the most abused prescription drugs, the highest in being over-prescribed to patients and certainly one of the most dangerous pills.


roxycotin roxycodone addiction most abused presciption drug

The Addiction is Dangerous


The addiction of prescription pills changes the brain ability to function, it changes your chemistry, making less effective at producing the chemicals your brain needs to function daily.


roxycotin roxycodone dangerous and deadly addiction

Signs of Addiction
Warning signs to look for...

When a friend or a loved one becomes addicted to prescription pain pills, you have to look for the warning signs. You must understanding that the addicted person dosen't realize they have a problem. Some may even use the excuse "The Doctor Prescribed Them To Me". signs of addiction


Coping Skills
How to cope with the urges...

Everyone deals with recovery in a different way. Avoid putting yourself in a high risk situation and you can prevent the cravings and urges to use. Be completely honest with your addiction, lying to yourself and others is an open book recipe for relapse.


Drug Rehabilitation
Where to find help...

Each state offers programs like detox, meetings, rehabilitation program for addicts. Please submit your services to our site to help the millions who are addicted to this drug, and are looking for help.


Welcome to Stop Roxy Addiction!

The addiction of prescription pills have become a deadly epedemic worldwide. Roxycotin is a well known narcotic pain killer. It is often referred to on the streets as roxy, roxies, blues, dum dums, blueberries, and smurfs. The active ingredient oxycodone in roxycontin is what makes this pain killer a highly addictive drug.

Oxycodone is an opium derivitive which causes addiction in the body and the brain. After excessive use of this drug, your body stops producing the proper chemicals in your brain (dopamine & seratonin) because it relies on the drug for the chemical. With proper detoxification, it can take a recovering addict up to 3 years for the brain to start producing the proper levels of dopamine and seratonin for the body to feel normal again.